Sunday, November 30, 2008

Wii Music isn't so bad

My wife rented WiiMusic for Thanksgiving weekend. Turns out that it isn't that bad of a game. Who knew?

When E3 was on G4 I showed my wife Nintendo's presentation keynote where they debuted WiiMusic. She thought it looked stupid and I agreed. It just had zero appeal at the time. The 40 somethings playing it poorly didn't help either. It's more than what you might expect, though I think its target audience is still young children.

The picture above shows my son Aidan (5 years) trying to figure out how to play violin. He is using my Mii. Note, the Christmas tree lights confuse the WiiMotes quite easily.

However, I don't think it has much longevity. I can't see myself, or my kids, coming back to it day after day. After trying out a couple modes and eventually unlocking the Mario theme song, I had enough.

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