Monday, November 10, 2008

Hologram BS

Have you seen this? It's CNN's "hologram" technology they used for their election coverage.

I caught a glimpse of it on election day, but CNN isn't HD, so I watched somewhere else. Their little gimmick didn't keep me (though the HD gimmick did, hrumm).

This "technology" is stupid and wasteful for this purpose. You're telling me that the 35 HD cameras recording her for this "hologram" can only make her look low quality, poorly lit with a halo. BS! Come on, are we stupid? It was made to look low quality for effect. What really bugs me is the name, hologram. I'm supposed to believe that this "hologram" is on the stage with whats-his-face, as that is what a hologram is. But no, this is just some fancy overlay BS composite. She isn't there in reality or in some projected image. He is looking at nothing, looking at where she will be inserted/composited, and only the viewing audience can see her in the scene.

Unimpressed because they called it a hologram. Otherwise, its kinda neat though IMO they dialed down the quality to make it look more Star Wars-ish. I think if they really did what they say with all the quality possible it would have looked as if she was really there, perhaps with a little oddness due to lighting differences and such, but still almost seamless.

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