Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Android Me ASAP

I've been waiting and waiting for an Android phone to come out, and now I'm waiting to be able to afford one. Although from the sidelines, I had big hopes that Google's OS for phones would change the market. An open source mobile device OS is something I think that could really make a lot of things possible, and stymie some of the greed and corruption and monopolization of this mobile device market.

Now I hear that Android has a GameBoy emulator, something that you don't have to jailbreak your phone to get like on the iPhone. Regardless of any legal issues, I think its a shining example of open source OS and Google's open market concepts for Android development.

Although I think the devices Apple makes are testaments of style and function, I dislike their pricing practices. I think they will soon feel a backlash as other devices start to show up that allow much cooler things to happen without someones pocketbook in mind. (Microsoft, I point at you too FYI!)

All hail Google! Kudos.

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