Monday, December 22, 2008

Modification Success

My class is over (GSP-340, Modification and Level Design). I turned in my "game" level and got 100% so I'm happy about that. The final was easy, but annoying like all the online tests I've taken so far. For some reason I think someone with English as a second language wrote the questions. Though it could be me, I tend to read into things.

I was taking the first session easy and only taking one class. The last few sessions were quite chaotic taking two classes at once. That put me into the full time student category and it felt like it. I decided to do that again this session however, I want to get the degree faster.

Next session I'm enrolled in GSP-130, System Architecture and Assembler and
GSP-280, Simulation Design.

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Insert Catchy Title Here

Now using some structures. I have the bad guys with "laser" type weapons. There are health packs and energy kits laying around. There is also a stupid buggy you can hop in and drive around with equally ridiculous physics. (Adding a vehicle is one of the "steps" for the completed project.) The ammo counter is now working properly (thanks to the TGE community). Most of my modding has been on the graphics side, but that's no big surprise since that's what I do at work.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

I Put My Face In The Blender

I know the likeness isn't very good, but not too bad for my first head model.

I've been learning Blender 3D at work. I'm contrasting my current understanding of skinning (UVing) geometry vs. the way its applied in Blender. I understand UVing and skinning just fine, but how do materials and UVs work in Blender and how are they saved and used in other formats. From the first apply though, I'm very impressed with Blenders UV capability. The fact that I can drag verticies around on the UV map is a huge win for me.

Even More Torque

I'm still plugging away at my game. I'm calling it BOOTS as in boot troopers. I had thought of an acronym but it escapes me now and it doesn't really matter.

I've got new and improved health and energy bars. Although the player can leap 30+ feet, it costs energy. Energy is replenished by moving, with my concept being the return energy used by the person during motion is captured back into the system. No replenishment unless your moving around, so no waiting for a recharge. I also added a energy kit, like a health kit for energy.

Enemy AI now has weapons. They are still just Orcs with Crossbows, but exploding tip crossbows, ouch! Makes playing a little more challenging and fun. Currently I just randomly place 50 or so, I want to strategically place some as well as use spawn points.

I created a second weapon type, the HDEARifle (high density explosive assault rifle). It fires 1000 rounds a minute. They are high explosive bullets with splash damage, so leaping becomes an aerial barrage. Currently it uses a tommygun dts, but its working so that's a big plus.

I also added a temporary ammo counter and a score (number of kills). The ammo counter isn't working quite right, but I think I can fix it.

I also added some keyboard and mouse control. Right mouse button zooms in, scope like.

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

I Like Corn Too

Last night, while wife was away at band practice, I had the boys make her birthday cards and wrap her presents. While we were making cards, Nathan wanted me to write on his card. To that effect he had me write something like:

"Mom, I like to play with you. I like having supper with you. I like corn too."

So mom and corn are apparently in contention.

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