Friday, March 6, 2009


Board at Work
The game play is coming along nicely. The game is really fun to play. Game balancing and design is really an interesting subject, one that is undoubtedly overlooked by players. If we do this right, this should be one of the highest scores ever! (Only because the game score vs. time balance is in the works.)

FYI, Photo taken with my G1, ha.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Welcome to the Light Side

I own a iPod Touch now. Here you can see a development version of the game I'm working on. It's been really exciting. Ben at Spigot Games is really open to my suggestions and thoughts; its really awesome. So much so that I've earned myself a game design credit in addition to graphics. W00t!

My wife is a little bothered by the purchase and rightfully so. Hopefully this gig will pay out well enough to pay for my purchase.

What do I mean by "Welcome to the Light Side?" Well, certain people who know me know my issues with Apple. I applaud them for their success and innovation, but I'm disgusted by certain sales tactics. Case in point, the iPod touch doesn't use a standard USB interface. If you want to buy White cables to match your iPod, they cost 10x as much as the black ones. In all actuality though, the iPod is impressing me in certain ways. It's snyc with iTunes is pretty cool and easy (though iTunes is a weird application IMO). It also suffers a little compared to my G1 with its "keyboard". I can type 100x faster on the Android G1. See this.

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