Tuesday, October 30, 2007

I'm not an idiot, it really isn't my fault

Concerning me being registered for the wrong class as discussed in my previous post, it turns out I'm not an idiot. The bound and printed fancy course catalog I got from my adviser is actually printed incorrectly. But, another problem: 107B isn't offered until next semester. So I'm enrolled in GSP-110, Introduction to Game and Simulation Development instead. It's a 3 credit course. I'm actually kinda happy about it because I get to learn the ropes of the online class interface on a class I think will be easier.

First Assignment: introduce myself.
Second Assignment: discuss the first games I ever played and discuss influential games.

Sunday, October 28, 2007

I'm an idiot, but its not my fault

I'm a big dope. I'm registered for a class, but unfortunately not the class I intended.

DeVry offers a number of programming course options. A, B and C. One of them is C++ the other is C#. Now I don't know much about the languages really, but my intent was to go to C++. Of course I stupidly requested registration for CIS170B, which is C#, the wrong language. I really wanted CIS170C. (BTW, that's pronounced see-sharp, like you're talking to a four year old about a knife's pointy end.) I hope I can fix this. Class officially starts tomorrow Oct. 29th.

Part of this confusion, albeit my own fault for making assumptions and not looking at the course descriptions as I wrote my registration request to my adviser, is the combination of my transfer credits not working out so great, my late start, financial aid (never did that before, lucky me) and the class I wanted requiring me to test out of a class. I had to go to orientation (1.5 hr waste of my time) anyway, so I took the test for Comp-100 before orientation.

Comp 100 is obviously designed for someone with less experience around computers. I had to do things like "send the e-mail" and "open my documents". It was an easy test for me. I took 20 minutes to answer the 40 questions. At least its 2 more credits toward my degree! Maybe I can test out of more?

Credits and Hours oh my!

DeVry's Game and Simulation Programming degree requires 128 credit hours. I was hoping to get out of most of the generals, but apparently that isn't the case. Only 31 credits transfered over from my previous school experience. Damn technical degree! That leaves 2 humanities, an English course and one social science course.

Oh well, 31 down, 97 to go. (On the bright side, that is 1/4!)

Friday, October 26, 2007

Ryan Go Game

My name is Ryan Foss and I like video games. I've become infatuated with them, beyond just playing them. I know I have an addictive personality, hence my tendency to stay away from things that I know will eat my free time, so I've decided to challenge myself. I'm starting college again, going for a Game and Simulation Programming bachelor's degree at DeVry University online.
A little about me.
- I'm 32 years old.
- I've got a mechanical engineering bachelor's degree
- I work full time as a Modeling and Simulation Engineer
- I've got a family, wife and three boys (almost 5, almost 3, and almost 1)
- I'm a hobby film maker
- I'm a hobby graphic artist (video, animation, modeling, graphics, etc.)

Hopefully, like many blogs, mine will start out dull then get better.

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