Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Even More Torque

I'm still plugging away at my game. I'm calling it BOOTS as in boot troopers. I had thought of an acronym but it escapes me now and it doesn't really matter.

I've got new and improved health and energy bars. Although the player can leap 30+ feet, it costs energy. Energy is replenished by moving, with my concept being the return energy used by the person during motion is captured back into the system. No replenishment unless your moving around, so no waiting for a recharge. I also added a energy kit, like a health kit for energy.

Enemy AI now has weapons. They are still just Orcs with Crossbows, but exploding tip crossbows, ouch! Makes playing a little more challenging and fun. Currently I just randomly place 50 or so, I want to strategically place some as well as use spawn points.

I created a second weapon type, the HDEARifle (high density explosive assault rifle). It fires 1000 rounds a minute. They are high explosive bullets with splash damage, so leaping becomes an aerial barrage. Currently it uses a tommygun dts, but its working so that's a big plus.

I also added a temporary ammo counter and a score (number of kills). The ammo counter isn't working quite right, but I think I can fix it.

I also added some keyboard and mouse control. Right mouse button zooms in, scope like.

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