Sunday, March 2, 2008

Really good show, Brass Kings

On Friday night, my best friend Bill and I filmed the Brass Kings performance at the Cedar Cultural Center. If you're wondering, the Brass Kings are a kick ass folkish band. They provided most of the music in our documentary Bill's Big Pumpkins. It was an incredible show.

What's really amazing about the Brass Kings is that they are three men. One plays guitar and sings, one plays washboard, and the other plays a gut-bucket, essentially a metal tub with a broom stick and a rope. Unique to say the least, but it sounds awesome.

I may not have mentioned it much in my other posts, but I'm an amateur filmmaker. This was our biggest shoot to date, using 5 cameras simultaneously. It went quite well. The only problems we had (that we know of thus far) were lighting, some camera settings (some interlaced, some 4/3) but nothing we can't work around. Fingers crossed.

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