Saturday, March 15, 2008

Arcade Cabinet, Paper Cutouts

I spent some time last night researching control schemes for a arcade cabinet. I came across a pretty detailed site that had almost exactly what I was planning. My intent is to make a four player arcade cabinet, similar to the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle or X-Men arcades that were popular in my youth. I was considering just a two player, and I think that will be the primary use, but I want more than two to play if possible. Maybe I'm dreaming/fantasizing, but I want to play this thing with my three sons some day.

Anyway, a gentleman by the name of LuSid's has some great designs, which turns out have proliferated quite weill on the internets. I took his design schematics, printed out a couple copies and built myself a paper arcade cabinet. I've learned a little in the process.

Regardless, my first step is to order and build a controller box. Then hook use that to play on the PC. Then design and build the cabinet and just mount the controller to it. Easy... ha, probably not.

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