Wednesday, February 27, 2008

DeVry GSP CIS170 C++ Programming

Just got done with the online final for CIS170, part of DeVry's Game and Simulation Programming (GSP) degree. I was disappointed with this class, since it was pretty much review for me. Hard to keep an open mind when I was unchallenged, only spending 2 hours a week doing the homework and quizzes. I'm registered for the next programming class which should prove a bit more engaging.


Joel said...

Are you crying because the class was a "review"? :p

I enjoyed it, even for being a seasoned programmer. CIS246 is a "bit" more challaneging but still doing the entire week in about 2-3 hours a week. :p

However I feel I haven't retained all of the new concepts and terminology. I'll have to go back into the book and read beyond the scope of the weekly discussions for sure. But then again college is to help you START to learn and think for yourself, not to do it FOR you right? :)

RyanGoGame said...

Thanks for the comment Joel. I was merely implying that for a programming course as part of a Game and Simulation PROGRAMMING degree, the excitement I had for learning to programming wasn't met by the class. As I said, I was disappointed with this class because it was review for me.

This was more an issue of managing my expectations. I was hoping that the course would approach programming in a more modern way, perhaps even with a game and simulation programming approach. To my dismay, CIS 170 and CIS 246, were basically just pure programming classes without thought or theory for game programming. This, of course, is ok. Its justified and necessary for intro classes in programming.

I'm still in the GSP degree and I'm hoping some of the classes in my future will put these programming skills into the game programming concept more.

Joel said...

Ryan, great news man. Not sure if you've taken them yet, but the Math for Game Programming classes are more of what old (for college years) farts like us are looking for! I learned more about coding matrix manipulation and normal maps in that one GSP220 class alone than I have in the 10 years I've been plugging away trying to learn on my own. I'm starting to explore in designing routines that even go behind he OpenGL or DirectX library functions now thanks to that course.

Those CIS classes were exactly as you described them, general programming classes. I think that was actually a good thing, given the rhetoric I hear about how the GSP course isn't a well rounded enough Computer Science course. Well, those CIS classes as well as the other CIS classes in the correculum I believe helps dispel that myth. We're going into some pure computer science classes, then go into some pure game programming classes. So I'm loving it; getting the education I hoped for.

Anxious to hear what you and others have to say about the deeper programming and other courses we get into down the road at Devry.

Gamer Sam said...

Unlike up I have little Programming background besides some Visual basic 5 in High School. Be glad you got background knowledge. Also Which Devry do you go to? Mines in Fort Washington, PA and GSP is brand new here. I'd like to hear about your campus experience. Well good luck with classes.

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