Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Fox news!

If you're a gamer at all I'm sure you've heard about the horrible reporting that occurred on Fox News regarding Mass Effect's sex scene. The thing is I really wanted to go off on this, but its such a stupid issue. People learned their lessons I think. It behooves us, as gamers and intelligent people, to move on.

Let Cooper Lawrence go. She made a massive mistake and she admits to it. She's wounded and dying (at least her books are at Amazon and other online stores where comments are allowed). The difference is she admits she was wrong, retracted her comments and apologized. If you posted an anonymous review of her book unjustified, remember that fairness goes both ways. She learned the lesson the hard way, that assumptions don't hold up to truth. The real culprit is Fox News.

These same anchors, who wish for days of Pac-Man, are supposedly on the knifes edge when it comes to news and opinion? Does that seem fair and balanced?

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