Sunday, October 12, 2008

!= Tractor

My son Nathan, who's three, is allowed on occasion (after incessant pleading of the ear bleeding variety) to surf YouTube. You just type in "tractor" or "bulldozer" or some variant and he's good for an hour or so. He finds some pretty wacky stuff, but he's figured out a lot in the process, such as the back button.

Anyway, he was doing the bulldozer thing the other day at grandma and grandpa's when I noticed that some of the suggested videos didn't look like heavy machinery. They were clips of girls of some sort or another. (How they relate to bulldozer clips is something I'll have to investigate.)

"Are you going to click on the girl?" I ask Nathan.

Nathan responds "that's not a tractor dad!"

No problem there, 3 year old self content filtering activated.

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Bernadine  Koster said...

It looks like your son finds those wacky heavy machines interesting, Ryan. Who knows? He might be a tractor engineer one day. :) Anyway, that's not bad for a father and son day.

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