Friday, October 31, 2008

Bipartisan BS

I'm so tired of this election thing. I'm pretty one sided myself, but I also listen to what the other party says without jumping to defenses and shoving their words back in their face or using them out of context. It bothers me and its stupid, the ridiculous arguments. Today it got bad, which is really the first its happened at work. Some dumb ass in the kitchen are couldn't shut up the rah-rah for his elephant team to realize what an ass he was being. He said things like "Obama will be assassinated because he's black," and "I love messing with democrats, they don't get it." The problem with this guy, and many people I work with, is they are focusing on disliking the teams, not the policies. Part of rooting for your favorite sports team is a total dislike for the other team, but the real truth behind a sport is exhibiting sportsmanship and realizing that its a game and in the end the other team are people doing the same thing you are. Perhaps better or worse. And also that's sports is a game. Politics are bigger issues than "Obama's a terrorist," and "McCain's a bad tempered cheater." Whatever, its Halloween and I hope that is at least fun for my kids.

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