Friday, October 31, 2008

Garbage RNC

My mom got this weird voice mail the other day she had to play for us tonight. It goes something like this (I pointed my shotgun mic at it so you should be able to hear it too, MP3 here).

Main menu, to listen to your messages press 1... Beep...

Yes, Joe Biden.

I don't know that we can not deny to do it. I'm calling for John McCain and for RNC because Barack Obama is so dangerly inexperienced his running mate Joe Biden says he invites a major international...

If Democrats win full control of government they will once again serve (?) rights to terrorists and talk unconditionally to these terroristic...

Barack Obama and his allies lack the experience and agenda (?) to lead America.

This call was paid for by the Republican National Committee. And McCain Palin 2008.

Yea I have 3 hang ups. 866 558 5599, Thank you.


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