Saturday, May 3, 2008

Portfolio Woes

I need a portfolio online, I just don't want to spend time making it. This is stupid because I would really like having one place to show off my visual art, I'm just so busy. I hate that I use being busy as an excuse.

I'm considering the catch phrase "I Create." I'm waffling on that though, I don't know what a potential employer/peer might think when they read it. Hopefully it would be good.

I've considered expanding upon it, perhaps "I create worlds" or "I create experiences." I think it could be a powerful message, though I think adding more detracts some from the power and simplicity of the short version. Leave it short and sweet; leave the details up to the imagination, to the individual. Of course, I will need art to back up my claims.

I remember this show from the 90's, a sitcom about college life. This girl, approaching her finals, worries and nightmares about one of them. Her classmates reacted poorly to her uneasiness when she asks for advice, as if they may have some insight into the professor's test they don't want to divulge. Finally, after night after night of worry, and eventual exhaustion to the point where she sleeps through her study time, she arrives at the test in frantic concern. The test is one question. I don't remember the question, but I remember the girl seeing it and the look on her face, the look of pure understanding. She scribbles something in a split second, jumps from her seat and turns the test into the professor, slamming it down defiantly. She leaves the classroom walking tall, while WTF expressions appear on her classmates' faces, as if they were left out of some important conversation. What was her answer? "Brevity is Bliss."

I Create.


Matthew Lee said...

Nice Blog, I'm a DeVry gsp student as well, online. I'm just finishing up on my first year.

RyanGoGame said...

Thanks Matthew! I checked out yours too. Sounds like we are on similar courses.

Matthew Lee said...

I believe that we are, although you're farther along than what I am. I'm only at 21 credits total. Good luck in future to you and I hope to see you down the road.

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