Thursday, May 8, 2008

DeVry cheats?

My class at DeVry right now is GSP-240, Practical Game Design with Lab. It requires the Torque Game Builder and Torsion from Garage Games, Indie licenses. I'm kind of excited about this, it should be interesting and fun. Unfortunately, I hadn't realized the hefty price tag that comes with it. According to instructions from my course, it states:

"Note: the software is discounted through eFollett. If you buy it from Garage Games directly you will utilize your credit card and pay full retail price."

When I checked the eFollett system the price is $158.75! However, when I checked the price directly from Garage Games the cost is cheaper! Torque is $100 and Torsion is $39.95. That's a total of $139.95, almost $20 cheaper.

I know, what's $20? Not much really, but still. Seems DeVry has managed to scam students out of a few bucks, charging them extra for nothing. Take that times 30 students and its money DeVry doesn't deserve.

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Brett said...

Hey Ryan,

I'm not sure about this, but I think you might be getting TGB Pro from Devry and not standard TGB. TGB Pro comes with source code and is actually $150 where as standard TGB does not. Anyway, I hope that's the case. Good luck with your course!

Brett Seyler