Monday, May 18, 2009

Star Trek, Logical Smogical

Why such a big red ball when a little one would do?
Why are Romulan mining ships so bad ass?
Why be so vengeful when you could go save your planet?
Why bother with ships if you can teleport across the galaxy?
Why a giant red crab monster on an ice planet? And why not very coordinated on ice, its only lived there its whole life.
Why drill a hole to the core when you don't need to?
What would happen if the whole ball went up? Oh... just that?
Who's going to save the whales now?
How did, a group of miners on a mining ship mind you, they know when Spock would arrive through his time travel trip through a black hole? Is there some standard function for determining when he would arrive?
Where do you hide a ship for 25 years so the federation can't find it?

BTW, I really enjoyed the movie. It was great, even with these nagging questions.