Thursday, May 7, 2009

Sales Slump

The idea that you can just drop your game in the iTunes App Store and make millions is probably a fallacy. Perhaps with the right marketing, and a good circle of friends and family, and a little luck, it is possible. I think we may have lost our chance for momentum. To my credit, I haven't done this before.

Here's a little detail on how the game, Board@Work, is doing. Its not as hot as I had hoped it would be. I found this cool website called MobClix that does some tracking. Below is a picture of it, along with our sales figures.

Apple takes a day to let you know about sales, so I'm hoping this gives a little insight into the future. Essentially, after a big slump on the 5th, we've started to climb. According to the ranking, its higher than previous so hopefully that trend will continue.

I think its a fun game, but I can understand why people might not give it a chance. I think

I've sent some free codes to some of the podcasts I listen to and enjoy the most, hopefully that will pan out. I've sent codes to Chad and the gang at the Video Game Show and Lono at his new gig, Respawn Radio. If we get mentioned, we may be able to get some traction.

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