Sunday, March 27, 2011

Deadly Chambers Controls

Making a game can be fun and profitable (so I've heard), but its also a learning experience.  One of the main criticisms of Deadly Chambers is the controls.  It's a mobile phone game granted, and a shooter at that, but we fell we did a pretty good job dealing with some of the limitations and oddities of Android and the numerous devices to make a control system for the game.  Yes, it has its issues, it isn't perfect granted, but it's pretty ok.  In some ways I think it works really well, innovative even.

Regardless of how much I pat myself on the back, or how close to the design and biased I am as co-inventor, it still comes down to the user experience.  That made me think not only about how people play, but what they may be trying to do.  If they are anything like me, they skip the tutorial, skip the control scheme image description, etc. and just jump into the game to figure it out.  This isn't a big deal I think, unless you make some misinterpretations about how it works, maybe even blame it for doing what you are telling it to do but not realizing it.  Then I found a video on YouTube of someone else playing and it made sense.  Of course people don't play it the same as I do, but why don't I show them.

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