Saturday, November 6, 2010

Classes are Over

I'm done.  My last class final taken and grades are in.  I'm done with DeVry.  I'm not sure when I "graduate", but I am now completed with my Game and Simulation Programming Bachelors Degree.

I'm pretty meh about the whole DeVry experience.  I wish I could put it in words, but I think a lot of it was wasted on me.  Well, not wasted.  The system is pretty easy to game, but combine that with my 10 years of work experience in "simulation" and I think I've been pretty well trained already.

If you, dear reader, are someone considering the GSP degree, be sure to give it a long thought.  I still contend that most would far much better with a Computer Science degree while trying the hobby indie game maker thing on the side.  I have no insight into how degree's like this lead into the industry, but nor was I aiming for that.  If you've got any questions, let me know.


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Anonymous said...

Thanks for this comment Ryan as I was considering working at Devry just to attend classes for free. I will stick with pursuing my CS degree at a public school or transfer to Depaul. My current employer of 11 years already pays about half the cost of schooling so I would rather go that route and get a better education.

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