Friday, October 1, 2010

105 Reviews! 4+ Stars Average!

Today, my Android G1 phone informs me that there are 105 reviews for Deadly Chambers, running a 4+ star rating. Our Featured Game status is over and we had a pretty good month. It's nice to get noticed. I'll try and post a graph or something one I get some numbers. Meanwhile, here are some of my favorite comments:

"Best game ever for phones" 
- Greg

"Impressive. MOST impressive." 
- Michael


"Best! Android! Game! Yet!" 
- nick

"A++ Fast Shipping! ...oh yeah, best Android game ever!" 
- sra (I know this is you Steve)

"Good fun this game is." 
- Yoda - kevin

"I dont understand how people can complain about such a great game. The controls work great and game play is solid on the nexus one!" 
- scott

"It's about time that Android gets a game that rivals the iPhone. I'd give it 10 stars if I could." 
- Breon

"Gorgeous game. Really fun to play. Attention to detail is great." 
- Darryl

"This game is the bomb grafix r the best I turn them right up on my sony x10" 

"Finished the game 4 times, BEST shooter on android! Mytouch Slide" 
- Dalton

"By far 1 of best shooters on android market, please make more.. Wolfenstein, or a unique game of your own. We need better games 4 Verizon-android" 
- jason

And here are some of the more comic 1-3 Star reviews.

"it never showed me the fire button" 
- khalid

"Its ok" 
- Maco

And just so this post has a graphic attached, here's something I used to convince the developer to add an extra weapon.

Here's a picture of the Bubble Gun.
This is the last, and most powerful, weapon in Deadly Chambers.

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badlogicgames said...

Awesome work guys. Keep it up! Looking forward to your next game (*hopesforazombieshooter*)


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