Saturday, October 10, 2009

Apocalypse Update

The team has been working along quite well. He have the starts of a basic menu system in place and a leveling system that shows the concept. The art is in the middle of states unfortunately, I'm trying to get some normal mapping to work, which isn't as easy as I was hoping. Good stuff to learn.

I was hoping to get into shaders a bit to do the shields but I went with a sprite approach. I simply draw 50+ sprites in a circle around the planet. It works, and I can control their vertical size to reflect the shield capacity. Worked like a charm.

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Raymond said...

This is amazing stuff that you are doing. I am also enrolled in the Devry GSP program. I am just starting it. I have a few classes under my belt. Your blog gave me a little insight on whats to come in futute classes. After reading a few of all of the posts, it seems like I may have my work cut out for me. I am familiar with C++ through a prior school but could use a refresh in it. I probably know more than I think. Also, is the school still using Torque, if so which one is being used and does it give a decent tutorial?

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