Saturday, July 18, 2009

Week 2, GSP 410

Week 2 has been a slow start. That is not entirely true, as I had an incredibly busy week with XNA, working late and other obligations, but I've finally sat down to do the reading and homework.

As much as I appreciate DeVry's online classes, I have a real hard time dedicating any time to the forums. Essentially, each week we (the students) are required to post at least three posts on three different days, with at least one before Wed. This usually isn't a big deal, as I manage to shake something out quick. But the content of this class is so serious, it's becoming arduous.

Regardless, I've found some of the reading lately very interesting. I may have to blog about that some. FYI, the book is Software Engineering for Game Development by John P. Flynt.

Interestingly, my curmudgeony attitude about installing Smart Draw and its use in this class struck me in realization that the demo comes with the book. Doh, no wonder we are using it in the class.

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