Sunday, June 14, 2009

Week 7 GSP 380 Ends, Final Begins

I finished my week 7 GSP 380 homework with flying colors I think. This week was about animation and inverse kinematics. The lab had us calculating the bones of a two jointed arm to find the appropriate angles and then animate them. It was very interesting, although pretty easy since it was really all spelled out. I went above and beyond the assignment and added some controls to adjust the length of the arms and the rate of animation. I also added error checking in the event of unreachable positions so the arms would still do something appropriate.

FYI, the lab's in this class generally comes pre-packaged with a basic skeleton of a program and then we, the students, have to add the guts. In this case, the window with camera controls and a white sphere were starters and we had to add the arms and do the math.

This is the first class I've had some struggles with. I've stayed in the A range most of it, though I really messed up one quiz with a 40%. I learned that I should prepare a little better and not make overarching assumptions regarding similarities between OpenGL and DirectX. This puts me at a B if I don't get above 80% on the final. I get 3 hrs to do the 300 point final, which consists of 21 multiple choice questions and 5 essay questions.

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Shane said...

lol i just took this same class online.