Wednesday, April 22, 2009

DeVry Spring 2009A Completed

I hadn't written anything about my current courses lately because they bore me severely. It was bad enough trying to participate in the forums and do the homework. No doubt I got A's, but I don't think I learned all I could have. Regardless, I just finished both my finals.

My classes were CIS-246, Connectivity with Lab, and PSY-C305, Motivation and Leadership. 246 was a lot lamer than I expected. I had hopped it would involve some programming, getting some communications going across computers but that wasn't the case. It was more like IT. Make a new user, put them in this group, change their password, etc. I've done most of that before. I've done my time in DOS and VAX and Unix, and I've had a home network since 98, so this was cake. In 305 I actually had to think and think differently. I learned some interesting traits about people and how to lead and make good teams, though I have no real way to apply it currently. I much prefer technical mumbo.

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