Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Round 2 over, Bring on Round 3

I finished my DeVry GSP finals for GSP-220, Math for Game Programming and GSP-240, Practical Game Design with Lab course this week. I have a lot of opinions about the courses, but I'll keep it brief.

GSP-22, the math course, was really easy for me, but that's because I've had it all before with my engineering degree. It was still nice to have a refresher, but I didn't apply myself very well. I still learned some things which is good. I paid special attention to the uses of dot product and cross product as it pertains to many things I do in my professional life.

GSP-240 though was a disappointment. I wish I could say the class was a good one, as it has potential. I think it is way better than its predecessor GSP-110, but the two classes are so similar that its a waste of time to take both, though both are required. My team experience was plagued with inactivity, which cost me what I think could have been most valuable: working with others. The online nature of this degree just didn't work well for group projects in this class, at least not for me. I dislike setups where organizing and coordinating take more effort than just doing. I know part of my issues really stem from my concept of time being demented, I never think I have enough. Here's a tip to anyone out there taking this class, the iLab assignments for the Torque programming is just the Torque tutorials in disguise.

I've registered for my next classes, the first session of the Summer semester starts July 7th (2008). I'm taking the next math course, GSP-320, Math for Game Programming II and one of the more core game classes (I hope), GSP-260, Visual and Audio Design Fundamentals with Lab. I've already registered For session 2 courses too, which start in Sept. I'll be taking the next and final math course required for the degree: Math-233, Discrete Mathematics, and another core game class that sounds pretty interesting, GSP-290, Data Structures and Artificial Intelligence with Lab.

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