Monday, December 24, 2007

Where have I been?

Well, I've been nowhere really. I just realized how boring this would be to read and how I must be following the dozen steps of blogging to a T.

Anyway, I finished my class. Unfortunately I realized I could phone-it-in. My last few assignments were pure shit, one was written in 5 minutes and still got 100%. Kinda sad. That's the one thing that bugs me about it, how lacking the response of the assignments were. It was more like a check of turning in the assignment verses doing it well. Regardless, I got 99% for the class up to the final, meaning I only need a 51% on the final to get an A. I already took the final FYI, it was a 3.5 hr thing you take at home online, just waiting for my grade. Pretty sure I got my A though, even with taking a hour break to play some God of War.

However and also mentionable during the last month of my blogging absence is that I've delved deeper into madness. I've engulfed myself in multiple podcasts, from Sarcastic Gamer and Joystiq, to Game Theory and the Video Game Show (there are two with that title and I listen to both). I went back to September and started listening, totaling about 10 hrs a day. Thank goodness for overtime at work and a 30 minute commute. I'm now caught up to Thanksgiving, which is bad for two reasons. I'm getting lots of news about fun games and I want to play them and I'm running out of podcasts. Luckily there is no shortage of people talking about the game industry but then again, I'm starting to burn out on it.

Also notable: I now own a Nintendo DS too and its sucked much of my life already with much more to come.

Upcoming for me is:
1) Class starts again on Jan 7th. Its a programming course, so should be good.
2) Playing some Nintendo DS. I have 3 games that demand my attention.
3) Play some Playstation 2. Got Call of Duty 3 (very impressed) and still want to finish Half Life (yes, the first one) before I get the Orange Box.

Did I mention its Christmas? Santa came.

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